Our contribution to a better world through Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Corporate Social Responsibility or sustainable enterprise is a form of enterprise focused on economic performance (profit), with respect for the social aspect of business (people) and on the basis of certain ecological preconditions (planet): the triple-P approach. Since our establishment in 1999, we have undergone a tremendous development, not only from a professional point of view, but also from a social point of view. Doing business is not only about the money. Making a contribution to a better world is important to us. That is why we continuously invest in sustainable projects and charities.

Green business

Virtualizing servers is currently Denit’s most important project to save on power and hardware, with a positive impact on the environment. Servers are made redundant by applying virtualization techniques, and thus phased out. Ultimately, this project will result in energy savings of between 70% and 80%. We believe that reducing is always better than compensating!

Green hosting

Denit uses 100% green electricity in the XS4ALL (DC2) data center from the Amalia wind farm, located near IJmuiden. The entire annual energy requirement of DC2 is met by the energy provided by this wind farm. DC2 also uses deep water cooling to cool its data floors. This cooling process is much more environmentally friendly than conventional data center cooling.

The Green Web Foundation

Denit is a member of the the Green Web Foundation. A foundation with a simple plan: let’s work together to ensure that the Internet switches to renewable energy as soon as possible. Denit is the first TGWF partner in the Netherlands.

Check here if your site is hosted with green energy.

This website is hosted Green - checked by thegreenwebfoundation.org

IT Donations

Denit makes used IT equipment available to ITdonations free of charge. They dispose of this equipment in a sustainable and responsible manner. The entire, 100% proceeds of the depreciated IT equipment are donated to charity. The professional processing model of ITdonations is aimed at ensuring that safety and the environment are paramount. For example, data is removed from the equipment using Blancco software that has been approved by the AIVD (the Dutch intelligence agency), among others


Our largest hardware supplier strives to be the greenest technology company on earth. Not only is Dell increasingly economical in the construction of the machines, but also in the power consumption of web servers.

More information can be found on the Dell website.


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