As a qualified cloud provider, Denit is a member of the Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA).

Proud member of the DHPA

The DHPA strives for the highest standards of quality and expects all members to do so. This industry association for the hosting and cloud sector is committed to knowledge sharing and transparency in the market. A mission we fully agree with!

DHPA has also drawn up a Code of Conduct. This code of conduct describes, among other things, how the participants of the DHPA should deal with their customers, their staff and each other, and how they should deal with their social responsibility and their role in the economy as a whole.

Notice and Takedown procedure

In 2008, the Dutch government, business community and interest groups – led by the ‘National Infrastructure against Cybercrime’ – jointly drew up the Notice and Takedown code of conduct. The code of conduct describes how individuals and companies in the online sector deal with complaints about illegal content on the internet, such as child pornography, plagiarism, discrimination and the supply of illegal goods.

Denit uses the Notice and Takedown code of conduct to report unlawful content from its customers, with which we protect the interests of lawful content owners and contribute to the exclusion of unlawful content from our platforms and from society.


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