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Delivering reliable and secure managed cloud solutions since 1999

Reliable solutions

Denit has been delivering reliable and secure managed cloud solutions to its customers since 1999. Because we deliver tailor-made solutions, our method is different every time. Your wishes determine our approach. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Tell us about your IT challenges and schedule a free whiteboard session.


Denit is a specialist in the field of managed custom solutions, (cloud) migrations and IaaS. Thanks to our many years of experience, Denit has the ability to design, build and manage smart cloud solutions. There’s no reason to continuously reinvent the wheel. We are able to offer you the best, fastest and cheapest solution.

In a whiteboard session we determine your technical, functional and financial conditions. Our architects will then get to work on drawing up a carefully-planned technical design. In subsequent sessions, we explain the design and refine it. After that, we write a clear project plan that focuses on approach, controllability and risk analysis.

Satisfied with our design and project plan? In that case we start with the implementation of your new environment.


Based on the technical design, we work together for a successful implementation and delivery of your cloud solution. Our specialists play a proactive role in building the platform, ensuring that the software and hardware are perfectly attuned to your applications as well as setting up of our management services.

Together with you and your employees we will test the new platform. Is everything working optimally? Is everything secure? Does the redundancy work? Does the environment pass the load test? If all goes well, we will also extensively document your new environment. An essential for carrying out proactive management in our view. Afterwards, the environment is ready for use.

Does your data need to be migrated? Then it is time to migrate.


Your cloud environment is built, set up and fully configured. Time to migrate! Denit has a lot of migration experience. You can rely on our specialists who actively collaborate with your organization and offer full support. The migration is furthermore based on a plan of action approved by you.

We transfer your data to the right place. In doing so, we immediately implement points for improvement in your environment. Together we test the environment and after your approval we convert the DNS. With that, your environment is ready for use with minimal or in some cases even no downtime. A final question to consider: do you want to be sure that Denit proactively implements updates and changes?

For many customers, we carry out proactive management, so that you can do business without worries.


At Denit, proactive management means the complete outsourcing of server and software management beyond the confines of your application. With Denit as administrator of your cloud environment, your online continuity is completely guaranteed. We are equipped to ensure this continuity 24/7. We proactively maintain and monitor the data center, the network, the hardware, the operating system and the system software.

The most important advantage of proactive management is that our specialists have full control over the environment. This enables us to proactively implement improvements, continuously monitor operations and performance, provide backups and snapshots, periodically report on performance and prevent and resolve problems 24 hours a day, among other things. And all this with a personal, customer-oriented approach.

Denit continues to optimize the safety and speed of your environment.


Optimizing an online service, platform or application is an ongoing process. The search for improvements in the areas of speed, capacity and safety is an integral part of our daily work.

For example, if we increase the speed of your application, we automatically increase end user satisfaction. And safety awareness? That has been in our DNA since our founding days in 1999. In addition, you can always count on our advice regarding matters of IT infrastructure.

Would you like to know what Denit can do for your organization? Plan a free whiteboard session.

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Every online environment is different and every customer has different technical and functional requirements. That is why we go for a personal approach. Over a cup of coffee, without obligations.