Suffering from DDoS attacks? Let Denit protect your web services.


No worries
Anti-DDoS is a standard part of our managed services.

Closed Lock

Protected by the NaWas
Redirects DDoS traffic and sends it back ‘clean’.


Subtle prevention
Your website will always be available to users during a DDoS attack.

No more worries about DDoS attacks

Anti-DDoS equipment is incredibly expensive to buy and maintain, yet you are not attacked every day. Denit is a member of the Nationale Wasstraat (NaWas) and thus benefits from the collective purchase of anti-DDoS equipment. The NaWas offers an affordable and effective solution against DDoS attacks. As a result, you are protected by default as part of our managed services. At no extra cost.

DDoS attacks: nothing new under the sun

Companies and government agencies are increasingly facing DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are easy to order online and/or to carry out, making them a popular form of abuse.

The purpose of a DDoS attack is to destroy your websites and applications for a short or long period of time. This is done by bombarding servers with such a large number of requests that they become overloaded. However, the attacks can also be more advanced and shrewd: even with less IP traffic, an online service can still be taken offline. The exact number of DDoS attacks per day is unknown, but research by the NBIP shows that there are at least three attacks on Dutch companies per day. In addition, various studies show that the majority of the world’s IT specialists have had to deal with it some time or other. The most worrying fact perhaps is that the number of DDoS attacks continues to rise with each passing year.

How does the NaWas work?

The Nationale Wasstraat redirects wouldirty’ DDoS traffic to its own equipment and returns it ‘clean’ to your servers. This makes the NaWas a subtle solution that allows your website or application to remain accessible even during a DDoS attack. Much more rigorous approaches, such as blackholing (blocking all traffic) or geoblocking (blocking traffic outside a certain region), are therefore unnecessary.

Standard part of our service

If you opt for one of our managed services, this advanced and automated anti-DDoS protection is always part of the deal. No further actions required. It is simply part of the Denit approach.

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