Rapid recovery with Disaster Recovery as a Service

Lower OPEX costs
An active-passive approach.


Fast and complete recovery
Recovered and back online within 15 minutes.


Storage of the highest quality
Your data is always located in a cutting-edge Dutch data center.

Prevent damage to your business

Your clients have high demands in terms of uptime and availability. Downtime is therefore disastrous for your company, manifesting in direct damage (you and your clients lose income) and indirect damage (your reputation suffers). Prevent adverse effect for yourself and your clients by ensuring a rapid recovery after an IT failure.

Safely stored in two data centers

Similar to a Twin Data Center solution, our DRaaS solutions spread your IT environment over two geographically separate data centers. The secondary data center is only used in the event of a failure of the IT environment at the primary data center. In other words, an active-passive approach. With the DRaaS service an RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) of 15 minutes is feasible. That means that in an event of an emergency you are guaranteed to be back online within 15 minutes, with only 15 minutes of data loss. Higher RPO and RTO values are of course also possible.
In terms of availability, security and compliance, we give the same guarantee for our Twin Data Center solution as for one of our singular data centers.

Twin Data Center

With DRaaS you set aside resources at a secondary location. You pay, as it were, a premium to ensure that we have the capacity available for you in case of an incident. With a Twin Data Center solution, you can make use of the resources at two (or more) locations. In some cases this is the cheaper option. In addition, there is no need for a failover so that your environment continues to run unabated without loss of data. Read more about our Twin Data Center solution here.

The main advantages of DRaaS

  • Better continuity in business operations
  • Data always available at an external Dutch data center location
  • Data can always be restored quickly and completely in the event of a calamity
  • Relatively low cost (OPEX)
  • Use the latest technology to store and manage data securely and efficiently
  • You meet most European compliance requirements

Working method

A DRaaS project always starts with a thorough inventory of your environment. If it turns out that the IT environment has already been virtualized on the basis of VMware or Microsoft technology, then our DRaaS service can be deployed rapidly. If the environment is still based on physical servers, the inventory may be an occasion for you to virtualize your systems first. After all, a virtualized IT environment is much easier to replicate and restore.

In addition to the inventory of hardware, applications and data, a thorough analysis of connectivity is also an important part of our disaster recovery services. Connectivity is after all crucial to guarantee the use of our DRaaS service. If necessary, Denit will provide reliable connections based on fiber-optic or DSL.

After the inventory is completed and connectivity is ensured, we will start replicating your environment to our DR platform. Denit then takes care of the synchronization of applications and data on the basis of the previously agreed RPOs. In the event of an emergency, we can quickly and easily switch to the replicated environment.

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