Load Balancing

Two birds with one stone: load balancing increases both speed and availability. A popular solution among our clients.


Active-active setup, which guarantees a zero percent downtime.


SSL Offloading
Offload directly to load balancer; lower load on underlying servers.

Speed gains
Traffic is directed to the most responsive server; sessions centrally scheduled.

A balanced business

Heavily loaded servers can slow down significantly or even go offline. Load balancing offers a solution. By balancing work loads, users are no longer inconvenienced by heavy loads because – as the term implies – workloads are better distributed over different servers. This leads to considerable speed gains, since traffic is always directed to the least burdened server.

Redundant setup

Even the best load balancer can fail on rare occasions. When we use load balancing, we always do so redundantly and with an active-active setup. In the unlikely event that one of the load balancers fails, the end user will not notice a thing. Simple maintenance can also be carried out without causing any problems.

SSL offloading

SSL security is indispensable for those who want to make safe use of (web) applications. But with many active users, this can take its toll on a server. A load balancer can take over the encryption and decryption of the underlying servers.

If the load (temporarily) increases, it can be distributed among the different servers and if necessary, an extra server can be added temporarily to cope with the peak in traffic.

Continuity & Performance

How do you prevent downtime? How do you reduce the impact if downtime does occur? How do you get back online as soon as possible and achieve optimal performance? Read more in our white papers (in Dutch).


Denit uses HAProxy to balance loads. This is an open source project and the driving force behind many commercial products.

HaProxy enables us to balance loads in a cost-efficient manner, from layer 3 to 7. We can even do this in scripted form with the help of Ansible. We believe in infrastructure as code.

Our professionals have the knowledge and skills the full range of functionalities from HAProxy.

Wondering what Denit can do for you?

Many clients chose Denit because of its expertise and solutions in the field of load balancing. Take a look at our client cases and read more about the solutions we developed together with our clients.

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