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Scalable capacity
Scale on demand – Denit has all the resources available.


Own expertise
We are not dependent on third parties thanks to our in-house expertise.

Scalable capacity

Scalability: everyone has heard of it, but what does it actually mean in the context of the cloud? To put it simply, a scalable IT infrastructure is capable of being quickly adapted to the current load or demand. For example, it may be that a certain application is under heavy load, which means that extra computing power is temporarily required. This should preferably be done automatically, based on predefined circumstances, so that end users do not notice what is happening behind the scenes.

Scalability according to Denit:

  • Rapidly upscale and adjust resources
  • Automatic scaling of workloads (infrastructure as code)

Thanks to Denit, your resources will grow in line with your capacity requirements. You can expand capacity indefinitely and scale it back later at any time. We have everything available on demand, allowing us to respond quickly to your needs.


A shortage of capacity leads to a loss of performance. The use of additional resources is a possibility, but there are quite a few situations in which this is not really the best solution to your performance issues.

Denit offers smart alternatives to get the most out of your existing environment. One of them is caching. This allows static elements to be cached on for example a website, so that the database is less burdened with queries. These elements can then be delivered directly to the end user. Resulting not only in speed gains, but in the case of websites also a better indexing in search engines.

Containerization may also help in simplify applications, optimize cloud instances (get more from less resources) and delivers significant speed gains.

Denit: the right people

Denit has excellent architects and technicians who understand the needs of our clients. We are therefore not dependent on third parties and can advise you from start to finish.

What really sets us apart? We do not shy away from any challenge. Regardless of the cloud environment: private, public or hybrid. We are here to relieve you of your worries. Automatic scaling with Amazon and Kubernetes or OpenShift? No problem! We have experts at the ready.

Wondering what Denit can do for you?

We manage your platform, so you can focus on your core business. We are customer-oriented, proactive and here to give you peace of mind. Read the testimonials and learn more about the solutions that we developed together with our clients.

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