Security is a serious matter. We help you to close the gaps in your security profile.

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Tailor-made security
Fully customized to your situation and type of data.


We are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

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A scala of services
From firewalls and anti-DDoS protection to automatic penetration testing.

Do not let security take a back seat

There is a tendency to be light-hearted about security. ‘Surely, that will not happen to me?’. But prevention is better than cure because security incidents almost always have unpleasant consequences. Ask yourself: are inaccessibility to customers, lost sales, possible fines from national data protection authorities and considerable damage to your reputation worth not investing in preventive measures? At Denit we never see security as a separate issue, but as an integrated part of our business strategy.

Indispensable for business continuity

Security is indispensable for business continuity, a prerequisite for the development of successful products for an increasing number of organizations (especially software companies) and contributes to the reputation of your company. It is crucial to bring people and machines into line with one another. From a technical point of view it is quite possible to develop applications and platforms safely or make them safe after release, given the right expertise and controls. But the human component is less easy to control: employees can cause a security incident out of ignorance or by accident. That is why it is important to give security a central role in the entire business strategy.

Denit can help. For each use case, we are happy to advise you on preventive safety measures. Our architects always work in collaboration with our clients. Although we cooperate closely with you, you will retain complete control over the assessment of the risks and the measures to be taken.

ISO certified

We always put the quality of our services and the security of vital information first. Your environment is managed by a renowned managed provider with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification.

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Anti-DDoS service

DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly popular. Companies fall victim to such attacks on a daily basis. Denit's anti-DDoS service protects your organization against DDoS attacks, preventing you from being inaccessible to your customers.

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