Twin Data Center

Maximum uptime with an active-active setup

No downtime due to our active-active approach.


Redundant ring
A redundant network ring between data centers.


We provide a DRaaS model for guaranteed security.

Downtime a thing of the past

Accidents happen. No matter how well you seem to have everything covered, and no matter how much you strive for 100% uptime, downtime can still occur due to unexpected failures. In that case it is a matter of recovering as quickly as possible. For tech companies with business-critical IT environments, every minute counts. A Twin Data Center solution makes it possible to remain available at all times.

Active in multiple locations

By employing the Twin Data Center your IT environment is mirrored in two data centers via a redundant fiber-optic ring. In other words, your environment is active in two locations, enabling a 100% uptime ratio. In the event of the failure of one data center, the environment will continue to run unabated.

Active-active versus active-passive

Twin Data Centers are generally implemented in one of two variants: active-passive (the environment is live in one data center and is replicated passively in the other) and active-active (the environment is live in both data centers and replicated actively).

In the case of an active-passive setup, the standby replicated environment is quickly booted up in the event of a failure in one data center. Such a setup is often called a Disaster Recovery) solution, given that the data center quickly responds to emergencies. However, this method is sensitive to high workloads. Restoring a backup after an incident is furthermore a time-consuming task. Data loss is unavoidable (the period between the crash or failure and the last backup). In addition, the software environment will not be fully available until the backup is restored.

That is why Denit preferred setting up a Twin Data Center as an active-active device. A major advantage is that in the event of equipment failure in one data center, the equipment remains untouched in the other. The active environment is replicated on a one-to-one basis. In the event of a calamity there is only a temporary limitation in the available capacity – but no downtime. After all, the exact same environment is live in both data centers.

RTO and RPO values of zero

With Twin Data Center, you have no data loss in the event of an IT failure at one of the data center locations. Twin Data Center is therefore ideally suited for the hosting of highly business-critical IT environments.

Guarantee the continuity of your services

How do you prevent downtime? How do you reduce the impact if downtime does occur? And how do you get back online as soon as possible? In our white paper you will learn exactly how you can guarantee the continuity of your services with Denit.

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