Making containers possible


The best technology
Create containers that behave in the same way at every stage of OTAP.


Public cloud support
Almost all public cloud providers work with Docker – making migration easy.


Docker + Kubernetes = ♥
Docker is a vehicle for Kubernetes. Together they form a well-oiled machine.

Get to grips with containers

Docker is the technology that makes containerization possible. The application of the principle of a ‘container’ has been possible for some time now with all kinds of different techniques. But it is only in recent years that there is a possibility of efficiently employing all those techniques (which are not easy to master): Docker. Little wonder that Denit has fully embraced it.

Docker makes it possible to create containers that always behave in the same way at every stage of the OTAP process. No matter what hardware or IT infrastructure they are running on. Because almost all public cloud providers also work with Docker, the containers are easy to port. This makes a migration from and to another environment or another platform a lot easier.

Docker and Kubernetes

Docker and Kubernetes are commonly paired. They complement each other perfectly: Docker acts as a vehicle for Kubernetes. Together they form a well-oiled machine for building and managing containers. With Docker as the red carpet and Kubernetes as the rock star.

But do not think that this makes Docker interesting for large, complex organizations only! The strength of Docker lies in the fact that Docker containers can also be used on a small scale. In a simple environment, you sometimes do not even need an orchestration tool like Kubernetes. Accessible to everyone: that is the power of Docker.

Docker Swarm + Kubernetes

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