Powerful container management and orchestration


Facilitate fast development times
Deploy and manage applications faster. You can release more updates, faster.


Kubernetes is cloud agnostic
Can be used in a private, public or hybrid cloud or on-premise.


Popular in the market
Container orchestrator with a strong open source community.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is a young but rapidly growing platform for managing and orchestrating containerized workloads, applications and services. In other words, an orchestrator. Google launched this platform in 2014. In a relatively short time, Kubernetes has become a resounding success. This is partly due to its strong open source community.


A major advantage of Kubernetes is flexibility. For example, applications are no longer tied to the Linux version of the server on which they operate. Kubernetes can therefore be used in a private, public or hybrid cloud, or on-premise. This is called ‘cloud agnostic’. All this means is that you can run your environment from anywhere.

Managed Kubernetes

As an expert the field of Kubernetes Denit offers Kubernetes fully managed. We therefore take care of everything that is required to make optimal use of the Kubernetes platform. In addition, we provide in-depth knowledge of supporting applications (building blocks) in the Kubernetes ecosystem, which we can deploy to optimally service customers. Denit implements, manages and maintains everything that is needed to run Kubernetes, enabling development teams to quickly start using the platform without having to gain in-depth knowledge of the underlying infrastructure and make choices regarding the supporting building blocks.

Hosting & Implementation

Denit has proven experience with Kubernetes and has therefore developed best practices to deploy Kubernetes platforms in production. Prior to implementation, we will assess whether a your business requirements fit in with our best practices. If that is not the case, we can provide a completely customized implementation.

Service & Support

Our team of Kubernetes Certified Administrators is always available to provide support via various channels. We do not only support your infrastructure, but will help you to optimize your deployment. Should you wish to use a supporting application or if you looking for one that matches your goals, Denit will provide you with expert advice.

Managed Kubernetes

Consulting & Training

When you have Kubernetes running but are wondering what to do next and how to use it to its fullest potential? Denit offers DevOps Workshops with which we help to optimally apply CI/CD using Kubernetes. We look at the current development processes and consult you on how to optimize it. When you are looking for structural advice, a sparring partner, or training for the development team? Denit can offer you a tailored proposal to suit your needs.

The power of Kubernetes

  • Facilitates fast development times – ideal for developers releasing many new versions of applications (CI/CD)
  • Automatically scalable
  • You no longer have to worry about difficult configurations (e.g. from network or storage)
  • Batch Executions: Kubernetes can manage your batch and CI workloads
  • Self-healing: restarts, replaces and terminates containers as needed
  • Automated rollouts and rollbacks

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