Modern software development


Call workloads only when needed
More overview in software management, fewer bugs.


Easy scaling
Clone tasks and make them available for multiple scenarios.


Microservices are the future
Working with microservices makes the step to serverless computing possible.

What are the advantages of microservices?

Microservices are split tasks that form a separate entity within a large application, a ‘monolith’. The advantage of this is that you can update these parts separately or give rollbacks to older versions. You can also easily scale a microservice by making it suitable for multiple scenarios (cloning).

Microservices are often referred to in the same breath as containerization. This is not entirely justified. The term is separate from containerization, but they are often referred to together because container platforms make it much easier to work with microservices.

Why microservices?

Workloads are only called when needed. Therefore:

  • The cost of managing and configuring your infrastructure is lower
  • Software is easier to manage thanks to more overview and fewer bugs
  • Errors in application code no longer lead to unavailability of the application
  • You benefit from faster time to market
  • You are capable of making functionalities scalable instead of entire applications

The step to serverless

Dividing your applications into microservices also makes serverless computing possible. The name ‘serverless’ says it all: you no longer have an operational overhead. With serverless computing, you can automate your IT environment and remove the underlying infrastructure in such a way that developers and application managers no longer have to worry about Operations.

The big winner: your developers. They can focus entirely on the work under the bonnet, instead of struggling with the bonnet. Let your developers do what they do best.

Denit offers working with microservices in the public cloud and in combination with Kubernetes or OpenShift.

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