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Rapidly develop innovative solutions
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Standing on the shoulders of giants
Containerization platform based on Redhat and Docker.

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Even more extensive than Kubernetes
With built-in security and access control.

Faster innovation

Software companies are under pressure to innovate quicker, get to market faster and stay ahead of the competition – all at lower cost. But development environments often lack the speed and flexibility to keep up. RedHat’s OpenShift is a container application platform that allows software companies to modernise their development process and products and quickly develop innovative solutions.

‘Enterprise Kubernetes’

Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform developed by Google, which is used to roll out applications quickly and in a scalable manner, regardless of the OS. But Kubernetes is not always easy to work with, especially when it comes to managing container images. That is why we use OpenShift.

OpenShift - Screenshot

OpenShift is a set of containerization software from RedHat, whose main product is the OpenShift Container Platform. Kubernetes and Docker are an integrated part of this. It makes the management of containers easier. Kubernetes may be the standard, but it is sometimes a bit overwhelming. OpenShift distinguishes itself in this respect, among other things, by built-in security and access controls and a clear web interface. It is easy to integrate OpenShift in a CI/CD pipeline, for example in combination with the popular automation server Jenkins, which is integrated in the platform. Container images can also be managed more easily with OpenShift.

These may seem like small advantages, but they can make a big difference for specific applications. Beyond its unique features, OpenShift is about 85% similar to Kubernetes. Because OpenShift does have more extensive functions than Kubernetes, it is also called ‘Enterprise Kubernetes’.

No matter how you want your containers to be managed, Denit has the knowledge to work with any large containerization platform. Of course, we also have the expertise for OpenShift in-house.

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