Cost savings

Your Total Cost of Ownership fully mapped out

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Insight into indirect costs
Denit takes into account the ‘hidden’ costs under water, and is transparent about them.

Realistic expectations
Proactive advice on cost optimization, now and in the future.


Efficient IT infrastructure
Where necessary, Denit advises on a multicold strategy for the most cost-efficient solution.

A multitude of hidden costs

When calculating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT infrastructure, a lot of things are often overlooked. In addition to the direct costs, there are numerous indirect costs. Think of it as the tip of the iceberg. If you make a TCO calculation of your current situation, it is important that you take both costs into account. Think of electricity, cooling, housing, licenses, backup, personnel, security, compliance and insurance.

Denit will do the TCO calculations for your new (hybrid) cloud infrastructure. You can easily compare it with the TCO of your current situation. And of course we are happy to support you in the process.

How do we calculate the TCO?

Denit works with a framework for the development of the TCO. This framework provides a realistic expectation of the costs for now and in the future. In addition, we provide proactive advice on possible cost optimizations.

Why Denit?

We have a multi-client strategy and always work out the right cloud strategy for you, depending on the situation and the workload. We apply a fixed all-in fee for managed services and also charge a fixed price per month for our Denit Cloud. Without variable costs for data traffic, for example. If a public cloud is part of your cloud strategy, we will provide real-time visibility into usage, so you will not be surprised by high costs.

Whether it is a single cloud environment or a mix of different clouds, we will take care of the hassle (and management) for you.

The Iceburg Principle

The Iceberg Principle: hidden costs – the percentages are just an example.

Wondering what Denit can do for you?

We manage your platform, so you can focus on your core business. We are customer-oriented, proactive and here to give you peace of mind. Read the testimonials and learn more about the solutions that we developed together with our clients.

Save costs? Let’s first get to know each other

Before we discuss your TCO, we would like to get to know you over a cup of coffee. Without any obligations. Because it all starts with a good match