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Meet modern needs

Customers and end users expect ever more functionality. You might have noticed that large updates bring with them long lead times and highly-demanding customers who expect considerable amounts of support and feedback. Furthermore, you have noted that your company has trouble responding quickly if only a small update is required. In order to be able to meet changing demands, traditional software companies will have to go through a major cultural change. Denit can support you in your transition to continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) by setting up a custom OTAP street.

What is CI/CD?

CI/CD is the quick, constant changing and modifying of code. Instead of a major release, you work with many small releases. Your product evolves quickly in line with the wishes of your customer or consumer and you can quickly fix any imperfections.

Denit CI CD

The infinite loop of tasks within CI/CD – where performance is measured after release and adjusted where necessary.

How do we do it?

We have a lot of experience with software companies. You are likely to be familiar with CI/CD. What does Denit bring to the table? We let you take steps in the technical process. Regardless of whether you work with tried-and-tested or completely new methods. We are familiar with the scrum methodology (such as agile and working in sprints) and with Octopus Deploy and Gitlab. In addition, we have the technical knowledge to set up a well-oiled OTAP street, so that CI/CD can be employed to the fullest.

For parties that do not yet work in this manner or that are not yet involved in legacy: realize that CI/CD represents a major organizational change when compared to the old way of working. That is why we would be glad to advise you on the most suitable tools for the job, which we can also implement for you if so required.

We are more than familiar with the CI/CD way of work and know which tools are suited to which jobs. Meaning you do not have to reinvent the wheel yourself.

A boost for your business

CI/CD makes software companies more flexible. You can respond faster to market demands. Resulting in an increase in the relevance and usability of your applications for your customers. Taking small steps also means taking less risk.

Many companies standardize their development process. Our experience is that these companies really get a boost once they start working with CI/CD. They discovered their true potential and developed new and exciting applications. That is what motivates us!

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