Microservices / Serverless

Transitioning to a platform-independent future


Segments can easily be scaled when combined with containerization.


Ultimate freedom
Your business is no longer dependent on one cloud.


Happy DevOps
No more arguments between developers and operations.

Reduce coding errors

In a monolithic IT architecture, a single error in the code quickly leads to an error in several services or functions. By dividing your applications into smaller ‘microservices‘, you limit the impact of a human error.

What are microservices?

With microservices, you can divide your application into pieces. By splitting it up, it becomes easier to make changes. Small pieces of code can additionally be put in containers, making it easier to scale separate segments for example.

Devs happy, everyone happy

Microservices have many advantages. It leads to better software performance because errors are easier to fix and updates easier to roll out. End users will notice a positive change. Because the complexity of software has been greatly reduced, development teams are better able to focus on specific functionality. And not unimportantly: scaling microservices is straightforward, making it easy to handle larger than expected loads.

The future

Working with microservices is the standard. Denit foresees that microservices will increasingly come into their own in serverless infrastructures. We are ready to advise and guide you through this transition to the future.

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