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It is a fairly common occurrence that a website is out because it can not handle traffic. Or it turns out that your internal system slows down considerably because everyone logs in around the same time. It is also possible that your environment suddenly becomes more dynamic because many functionalities are added. These kinds of peak loads have to be absorbed – and that is perfectly possible with the right knowledge. Denit ensures that your IT infrastructure can handle increased traffic.

How do we deal with peaks?

Denit has resources in bulk. We will help you scale your systems so that they can cope with peaks. We employ, among other things, auto scaling and caching in the right places. Which makes our solutions effective and affordable!

We often use Kubernetes for autoscaling. The availability of resources is continuously monitored and, if necessary, new instances (‘nodes’ in Kubernetes-lingo) are automatically created.

Because we monitor actively, we can also spot rising trends. We can immediately alert you to peak moments that you might not have foreseen. For example, you will be amazed at what a short advertisement does for the (in)accessibility of your website. Our aim is to prevent you from unexpected outages.

Auto Scaling

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