Time to first byte? As fast as possible


The fastest equipment on the market
We work with the latest generation of hypervisors and storage (NVMe).


More than IOPS
Denit focuses on latency as an important performance indicator.


Outrun the competition
Improve your
“time to first byte.”.

When fast is not fast enough

Is your throughput speed or processing time fast, but not fast enough? It can be confronting to run up against the maximum capacity of your IT equipment. At Denit, we do not suffer from a limiting maximum capacity, and neither will you.

Latency as a new performance indicator

Performance is usually defined as automation, horizontal scaling, IOPS and high performance clusters. And for a long time, the throughput speed (like that of an SSD) was the singular marker of performance. Throughput speed matters, of course. But at Denit we believe that latency will be the new performance indicator. After all, it is all about the processing time. A fast talker may be quick with his words, but that speed counts for nothing if he takes ages to answer a question. So too with throughput speed and latency. Denit makes the difference. We mainly focus on the time to first byte. And with good reason: in an increasing number of sectors it is becoming more and more important to be faster the competition.

Fast, faster, fastest

In order to be able to guarantee excellent performance, an innovative mindset is needed. For example, we are constantly testing and adopting new technology to stay ahead of customer demand. We see ourselves as early adopters.

Denit has the fastest network equipment on the market. We work with the latest generation of hypervisors and the latest generation of flash storages (NVMe).

Wondering what Denit can do for you?

We manage your platform, so you can focus on your core business. We are customer-oriented, proactive and here to give you peace of mind. Read the testimonials and learn more about the solutions that we developed together with our clients.

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Actions rather than words. That is what we believe in at Denit. That is why we give you the opportunity to test our platform without any obligations. Experience for yourself what we mean by ‘time to first byte’.

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