Going from legacy to a SaaS strategy


Reduce your time to market
Customers can get started with your latest release more quickly.

Significant savings
Save on licensing costs by virtualizing your legacy applications.

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Recurring revenue
A new business model with recurring monthly revenues.

No more restrictions

Software companies that sell legacy applications will sooner or later run into the limitations of their business model. Development takes a long time and customers may switch to another provider that can release updates more quickly. The SaaSification of your applications prevents this from happening.

Why SaaSification?

A SaaS strategy helps software companies to change their business model. You benefit from monthly recurring revenues instead of one-off revenues.

With added benefits for your customers. Because you can update your application in one go, instead of separately for each customer, they can start working with your new technology much more quickly. The time to market is greatly reduced.

As a Service

In many cases, Denit can support you in the SaaSification of your product without making any changes to your programming code. We might just call it ‘SaaSification as a Service’.

We virtualize your legacy applications in a secure manner so that your company can start to profit from a SaaS strategy. With our help, you could for example deliver desktop applications from a browser. The application simply continues to work the same way, but is presented differently to the end user. This is not only much more user-friendly, but it also allows you to make huge savings on licensing costs.


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