Denit Cloud

A qualitative, multi-purpose infrastructure


Ultimate availability
Divided over multiple data centers with an uptime of all but 100%.

Fixed cost per month
No surprises in the OPEX costs.


Lowest latency
The lowest latency on the latest storage technology.

Our own reliable cloud

The Denit Cloud, our own VMware-based Cloud Computing platform, has been permanently available since its launch in 2007. The platform consists of enterprise grade servers, switches, routers and storage units from market leaders such as Dell, Juniper, HP, IBM and NetApp. By opting for high-quality and technologically superior hardware and software, we offer you a product that you can rely on, and one that grows together with your company. With the knowledge and expertise of our certified network and VMware engineers, you can count on a level of performance and uptime that previously required complex and costly solutions.

Twin data center

Our cloud is divided into three external data centers, which in turn are connected to a fiber-optic ring. If one of the data center locations fails, our cloud platform will remain available thanks to our redundant connections. This enables us to build twin data center environments that remain available even in the case of a complete data center outage.

Compared to the public cloud, the Denit Cloud is set at a fixed price per month. That means no more surprises in your OPEX costs.

Why the Denit Cloud?

The Denit Cloud is built on high-quality infrastructure with the lowest available latency, optimal performance and almost 100% uptime. Of the hundreds of hosting parties in the Netherlands, we are in third place with an uptime of 99.996 %, measured since 2006.

Wondering what Denit can do for you?

We manage your platform, so you can focus on your core business. We are customer-oriented, proactive and here to give you peace of mind. Read the testimonials and learn more about the solutions that we developed together with our clients.

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