Hybrid Cloud

Take advantage of a hybrid cloud infrastructure

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The right place
Distribute your workloads in the most optimal way.


Connect any cloud
Connecting clouds is easy, so take advantage of all the possibilities.

Lower costs
A cost-efficient IT infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud: the best of both worlds

A hybrid cloud is a combination of two or more cloud environments: a private cloud combined with and linked to the public cloud. More and more organizations are opting for a hybrid cloud setup. But designing a hybrid cloud infrastructure can be a hassle. In our experience, many ISVs underestimate the complexity involved. For example, how do you link your clouds and ensure structure and controllability? And how do you keep a grip on costs?

Why go hybrid?

There are many reasons for companies to prefer hybrid over having their entire IT infrastructure in the public or private cloud. The main motivations are an increase in functionality, cost efficiency and flexibility by placing workloads where they make sense. One size does not fit all. Where one workload might function best under one cloud provider, another might function better within a different type of cloud. By linking the different clouds, you can enjoy the benefits of each. Denit can not only design but manage the entire hybrid infrastructure for you.

Denit Hybrid Cloud

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