Private Cloud

The best way to avoid 'noisy neighbors'

Complete control
You retain control over the cloud environment.


Made to measure for your use case.


Maximum performance
Guaranteed performance and latency.

Stay in control

When you opt for a Denit private cloud, you are opting for guaranteed performance. Only your company or organization uses the available resources of both the servers and the connections. And at the same time, you always stay in control of your valuable company data.

What is a private cloud?

The ‘private cloud’ is known by several names, such as ‘enterprise cloud’ or ‘corporate cloud’. At Denit, we envision your private cloud as a cloud infrastructure that is entirely intended for a single organization. A Denit private cloud gives you full access to your own resources (hypervisors), storage and switching. Denit takes care of the maintenance and management, so that you can continue to focus on your core activities.

A private cloud is always made to measure. For each specific use case we design a cloud environment tailored to your needs.

Why choose a private cloud?

Why do organizations opt for a private cloud? The main considerations:

  • Complete control over the cloud environment
  • Privacy
  • Cost savings (economies of scale)
  • Guaranteed performance and latency

Denit specializes in working with any type of cloud environment, whether it is a private, public or hybrid cloud. We are your single point of contact and will happily take care of all the necessary management and upkeep. Curious about the possibilities? Get in touch with us!

Wondering what Denit can do for you?

We manage your platform, so you can focus on your core business. We are customer-oriented, proactive and here to give you peace of mind. Read the testimonials and learn more about the solutions that we developed together with our clients.

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We are more than happy to pay you a visit!

We would like to get acquainted with you and your organization and discuss your options for the private cloud. Without any obligations, of course.