Managed Security

Serious business demands serious security


Anticipating the threat
Always on the lookout for weaknesses in your defenses.

Always watchful
Active, around the clock security monitoring.


Protected against DDoS
At Denit your protected against DDoS attacks through NaWas.

Protected from online threats

There are more than a few digital threats that can actively harm your company. A data leak for example means immediate loss of reputation, lost income and a potential fine from a national data protection authority.

Security as a Service

At Denit we take security seriously. With our advanced security tools we make sure that the security of your software environment is fully mapped out. Together with your organization we search for the most effective and appropriate preventive measures.

Scanning web applications

With our web scanning URL service we search for weaknesses in your web application or website. This scanning service mimics the preliminary stages of a hack, based on the preparations of actual outside attackers. We scan for recognized weaknesses, for example those listed in the recommendations of the Open Web Application Security Project.

Security audits and compliance

Our platform is capable of scanning for ISO27002, NEN7510, OWASP, NCSC, BIG, BIC, DigiD Norm 1.0 and DigiD Norm 2.0. All security issues that we find during the scan of your web application or network are automatically checked against the norms and requirements of these various security protocols. Via a central security dashboard you can immediately check if you are compliant with the necessary security norms or need to take additional security measures.

Hacker Alert

The Denit Canary Hacker Alert acts like a motion detector in your network. The Canary guards your network day and night against hostile forces, without the need for oversight or intervention.

Pentest subscriptions

Using our advanced penetration testing tools we can mimic an attack on your application. We discover where your defenses are lacking or in need of improvement, resulting in clear security recommendations. And it goes without saying that we will immediately follow up on our recommendations in the case of serious or urgent weaknesses.

Network scanning

With our network scanning service we hunt for weaknesses in your network. We scan external IP addresses, for example the addresses of servers, firewalls and other internet facing machines. Our network scan can detect and single out more than 80.000 potential threats to your system.

Managed Firewall, VPN and Identity

Prevent abuse by hostile forces and ensure secure access to your systems, whenever or wherever you log in. Our improved identity checks offer an additional defense through two-factor identification.


Unfortunately, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become a fact of life. An increasing number of companies is confronted with such attacks, some on a daily basis. With our anti-DDoS service, we guarantee optimal protection of your web service or application against outside threats.

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